Youth  Education Summits

Youth Education Summits

Youth Education Summits are conducted annually in various communities throughout California.  These summits provide a public forum where young people from diverse backgrounds and communities can come together, learn how to organize, network, exchange ideas, find common ground, share their hopes and concerns, and address important youth-related issues they care about most and those that often directly affect their lives.

Purpose & Benefits:

  • Learning more about what young people experience in their school, neighborhood, and family life;

  • Discovering what could be changed to make those places better;

  • Teaching young people how to work together and use their knowledge and skills to create positive change in their community

  • Understanding how to connect with adults or others as allies

  • Energizing your community’s efforts to support young people

  • Strengthening the network of supportive youth and adults

  • Reinforcing our youths’ connection & commitment to their community

2019-2020 Youth Summits


To be announced


University of Southern California

Loyola Marymount University

West Los Angeles College

El Camino College

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