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Frequently Asked Questions


A.    Students in grades 9-12 (including incoming freshmen & graduating seniors)

Q.    How do you apply?

A.    Complete and submit an online Student Application Form.

Q.    How many applications do you receive?

A.    Approximately 200-300 each year


Q.    How many applicants are selected?

A.    Approximately 60-80 high schoolers & 60-80 middle schoolers

Q.    What is the selection criteria?

A.    Selection of CYTT participants is based on: 1) application & recommendations, 2) School

       Transcript or Report Card, 3) personal interview, and, 4) program needs.

Q.    What type of candidates are you looking for?

A.    Ideal candidates are good communicators and creative thinkers who have a positive

       attitude and enjoy learning and interacting with their peers.

Q.    What if I’m a little shy?  Does that mean I won’t be selected?

A.    Being a little shy is normal.  As long as an applicant is willing to share their ideas with others

       and fully participate and contribute to their group's success, he or she may be selected.  

Q.    How important is my GPA?

A.    Student academic performance (GPA) is considered as part of the application process, but is          not used as a single eliminating factor.

Q.    When will I know if I’m selected?

A.    Applicants are usually notified regarding their selection status 3-5 days after their personal


Q.    If I’m selected, when is my final participation fee due?

A.    Final CYTT fee payment is due 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Q.    If I’m selected and have to withdraw will I get a refund?

A.    A full refund is granted to students who withdraw 30 days prior to the start of the program;

       50% refund within 14 days prior.  No refund is granted for withdrawals 7 days (or less)

       prior to the start of the program (except documented medical emergencies).


Q.    If I’m not selected, will my $20 application fee be refunded?

A.    No.  Student Application fees are non-refundable.

Q.    Are the USC dorms co-ed?

A.    USC housing facilities are co-ed.  However, CYTT male and female participants are housed

       separately in the USC dorm under adult supervision.

Q.    Will I be able to pick my dorm roommate?

A.    Roommate requests will be considered. However, final decisions regarding room assignments

       will be made by our staff based on program needs.

Q.    Does participation in CYTT guarantee my admission to USC?

A.    No.  CYTT participants who apply to USC will receive a Recommendation Letter for admission.        However, final decision regarding applicant admission is made by the USC Undergraduate

       Office of Admissions.

Q.    Do you provide transportation?

A.    Transportation to and from the USC campus is ONLY provided for participants who arrive via

       LAX Airport or LA Union Station.  Travel itineraries must be provided to CYTT staff in advance.

Q.    Are former CYTT students allowed to participate again?

A.    Yes. Former program participants may reapply. However, more will be expected of returning

       students since they have already participated in the program.

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