Empowering Youth

to Change

the World



Founded in 2000, the Young Center for Academic and Cultural Enrichment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in partnership with schools, colleges, and education agencies, to provide enriching educational programs for the development and benefit of youth ages 13-18.  Students from over 250 schools have participated in Young Center programs and our alumni have been accepted at over 80 US college and universities to date.


To empower young people through education with the knowledge, skills, and guidance needed to achieve success, to inspire and prepare them to become the future leaders, and teach them how to work together to create positive change in their communities.

Vision & Goal

To cultivate a new generation of leaders and engaged citizens, empowered with a sense of purpose and responsibility, and committed to working together to create positive change in our society and the world. 

Mailing address

6709 La Tijera Blvd.

Suite 614

Los Angeles, CA 




Partnerships & Sponsors

Northrop Grumman

US Bank

Brother Crusade

USC Black Alumni Assoc.

LA Unified School District

Onward Scholars

Determined to Succeed

Southwest Airlines

Boys & Girls Club of America


Brief History

The work of the Young Center actually began in 1987 when actor-director-educator William Allen Young established the Young Foundation in Los Angeles.  Mr. Young, who grew up in South Los Angeles and went on to achieve success and national fame, sought to create a 'culture of success' in underserved schools and communities that would have a positive and lasting affect on young people and families in the local communities.  To achieve its goal, the Foundation implemented an Education Incentive Plan (1987-1995) in partnership with the LA Unified School District.  Through the Plan, the Foundation mobilized an army of committed parents and retired professionals to provide academic enrichment programs for struggling students and classroom support for teachers at failing LAUSD schools.

The Foundation additionally sponsored a free breakfast program for low-income students (1996-2000) in the City of Inglewood, and provided academic & need-based scholarships for graduating seniors to encourage them to continue their education beyond high school.

In 2000, the Foundation was reorganized as the Young Center for Academic & Cultural Enrichment.  Working in partnership with schools, colleges & business leaders, the organization expanded its focus to incorporate a youth leadership training program (California Youth Think Tank); college preparation training (College Prep Academy), and Youth Ambassador Service program.  and spawned a national network of distinguished alumni in a variety of professional fields.






At the Young Center, we believe there comes a time in life when young people must learn how to stand up and accept their responsibility for helping to shape the world in which they live.  We believe that time is now.  And it is our job to equip them with the tools and guidance they will need to succeed.  For over 20 years, our organization has succeeded in empowering young people to succeed in college, business and life.  


We are constantly raising the bar and inspiring them to leap to new heights.  We expose them to innovative ideas and unique opportunities to learn and grow, while encouraging them to strive higher education to broaden their horizon and enhance the quality of their lives.  We instill core values for education, service  and diversity.  We empower them with valuable knowledge and skills and teach them how to work together to create positive change in their community.  

Through our efforts, we intend to cultivate a new generation of ethical leaders and engaged citizens committed to working together to bring about positive change in our society.  


We accept this challenge knowing that we cannot do it alone.  So we work in partnership with schools, colleges, businesses, and other stakeholders to provide effective youth development programs and opportunities for our youth participants to thrive and succeed in college, business and life.  


That is our mission and our goal.  As always, we thank you for your support and welcome the opportunity to work together with you in the near future.

William A. Young

Founder & President



Karen Bass


37th District


Young Center ambassadors are the future leaders of our society.  They are the role models that other youth should strive to emulate."

Sandra Evers-Manly

Vice President

Northrop Grumman

When I look at young people who come from the Young Center, I see young leaders who are ready to go back into their community and BE the change that is needed."

Michael Tubbs


City of Stockton


"Being a part of the Young Center's California Youth Think Tank literally changed my life trajectory.  It helped me become who I am today."

Jack O'Connor

Former Superintendant

CA Public Schools

"The Young Center has succeeded in creating effective programs that finally celebrate our youth for their strengths and abilities."